Our Mission

But our mission is more than just all talk and no action.

In fact, 80% of our clients land a new role within 90 days of working with us.

Think of us like a career matchmaker, bringing together world-class employers and best-of-the-best employees for a match made in professional heaven through our resume writing and coaching services.

We do this by using proven strategies for job search success. We know how to dress to impress, packaging your personality, skills, and experience into marketable materials that will leave hiring managers thinking, “Yep, this is the perfect candidate for the job!”

The job market is competitive and ever-changing—don’t navigate it alone. Position yourself as the perfect candidate, get unstuck, and reach new heights in your career with Next Level Career Services!



Your next level is waiting for that first step.

Let’s talk strategy for your professional advancement and determine which services can help you reach new career heights. Book your free 30-minute consultation call.


Meet the Mastermind

Ebony Joyce, Owner & Chief Encouragement Officer

Meet Ebony Joyce, your career mastermind and Chief Encouragement Officer. As owner of Next Level Career Services, she wants to be both your backpocket recruiter and your biggest cheerleader—encouraging you to optimize your skills & experience so you can master the job search process and level up in your career.


Because Ebony has been in your shoes.

She spent over 13 years working for Fortune 500 & Fortune 100 companies and climbing the corporate ladder and enjoying the stability of Corporate America… until it wasn’t so stable anymore.

In 2015, she got laid off—a moment that pivoted her into entrepreneurship. Her years spent crafting resumes and advising on interview prep and salary negotiations for family and friends was finally going to pay off; after the layoff, she founded a staffing firm for military veterans with a former colleague. 

Her time with the firm gave her the inside scoop on what recruiters look for in job candidates and taught her the secret language of a job description.

With this insider information in tow, she began Next Level Career Services in 2017. Her passion for helping clients like you level up in your career is the heart and soul of her company. She and her team are honored to be a part of your job search process!

Ebony is also available for speaking engagements and corporate consulting.