frequently asked questions 

What do you need from me to write my resume?

We will need your time and dedication.  We use a combination of a questionnaire, a phone interview and other documents you provide. The combination of documents is different for every client. To make the process as successful as possible we ask that you provide as much detail as possible.

How do I start?

To start the process, place your order online. During the checkout process, you will be provided with an option to upload your resume, a position of interest, and/or any other supporting materials you wish to provide. The more information the better!

What is your turn around time?

We will deliver your career documents to review within 7-10days from the date that all required documents have been provided.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. 

Is payment required up front?

Yes, we do request payment prior to beginning writing services.

What is your process?

A complete detail on how our process works can be accessed by viewing Our Process

How Long are the Phone Consultation?

I advise clients that they the opportunity to have (2) 45 minutes long consultation. It can take longer in some cases, depending on the individual situation.

When Can I Schedule My Consultation?

Our goal is to work around a schedule that is convenient for you, therefore we do have evenings and weekends consultations times available.