How College Graduates Can Apply For Jobs From Your Phone!

There are 1,830,000 graduates this year. Companies will hire 1.3% less than last year 2017 according to The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). So graduates need to be prepared to network, apply and interview at any given moments. You don’t want to have an opportunity pass you by due to lack of preparation.  

Use Your Phone for Networking

With professional social network like LinkedIn you can access your social network to determine if you know someone from a target employer. Use this app on your smartphone to do the company research, reach out to your connections and make new connections.  

Video Chat with Employers 

As hiring has become more global so has interviewing. Hiring manager and recruiter are utilizing videoconferencing as the first round of interviews.  The same rules apply with videoconferencing as is does with phone interviews, be prepared, have a quiet space and more important dress appropriately. 

Set up a Signature on Your Phone

Apps like Hello Sign make it easy to a signature on your phone.  You no longer have to print, sign and scan in documents.  You can sign company documents including that offer letter right away. 

Connect to Jobs Site on Your Phone 

Sign up with job sites like Glassdoor, Monster, CareerBuilder, and Indeed. You can instantly view, and apply for jobs right for you device.  Depending on the job site you're using, you may be able to sign up for text or email notifications of new job postings. If it’s a good fit, apply to the position within the first 72 hours of the job’s posting.  

Store your document on your phone 

Use services like iCloud or Drobox to store your resume, references or portfolio of work. If a recruiter reaches out or if you see a job of interest you can respond right away. 

Make a Spreadsheet 

Keeping track of all of the job listings you’ve responded to can be difficult. Use Google Sheets, to create a spreadsheet makes it easy to notate potential jobs (communication status, application status, and response status.